On County Land Outside the City Limits | Woefully Inadequate Traffic Infrastructure | Near Failing Beltline Interchange with Glenwood Avenue | On a Narrow, Winding, Substandard, State-Maintained Road | Crabtree Creek Tributary Flooding | R-50 density next to R-4

We are not NIMBY. Development and growth can be a good thing, and we welcome it here. Where else in Raleigh are residents in R-4 districts asking the City to upzone to R-12? The truth is that the parcels involved are outside the City limits and would need to be annexed and brought up to City standards. But the infrastructure there cannot support this one-off development, which has not been planned with the surrounding property in mind.

Philcrest Drive is a narrow, curvy, hilly, substandard state road that would not be improved. Add that to the decades-old Crabtree Valley Mall traffic congestion with no solution in sight, no state plan or funding to fix the Beltline interchange at Glenwood Avenue, costly City stormwater management and flooding issues, and our ever-shrinking affordable-housing supply, and you can see why we say, "Stop Lead Mine Tower!"

The Developer offers a nice luxury product for those who can afford it. But at an effective density of R-50, or 50 units per acre, the proposed development is almost double the density of their other projects, which do not abut R-4 neighborhoods, and on a smaller tract. The mid-rise building would be almost 70 feet tall along Lead Mine Road, and 90 to 100 feet tall on its north side, towering over single-family homes downhill, just 50 feet away.

Coupled with the project's two new driveways on crowded Lead Mine Road, and another one on ribbon-thin Philcrest Drive, and it's easy to see that the proposed development is far too much for this small, unusual, orphan site. We support a different, better planned, more compatible redevelopment of the site that complements the established neighborhoods around it instead of threatening them.



“Walkable mixed-use developments are critical to the future of Raleigh and cities around the world. 

Residential uses should be connected to retail uses and transit through safe and attractive sidewalks that are universally accessible. Shared open spaces should be welcoming, well-lit, and equipped to serve a diverse group of users.”

The proposed development does not satisfy this, Philcrest Drive can not support this, and the City has no plans to offer residents on the east side of Lead Mine connectivity to the mall or City Growth Center.



for thoughtful, sensible and compatible development that meets the needs of all of Raleigh's citizens.

Our goal is to be good stewards for our community as we face rezoning and development in Raleigh. We strive to foster collaboration and encourage smart planning while preserving our sense of community and keeping affordable housing options within reach in this prime location ripe for offering the 'missing middle' housing our City desperately needs. After months of unsuccessful negotiations for reasonable conditions with the developer, we created this site so that others could be made aware of this project that would impact more than just the immediate neighbors.

Everyday people can take action to shape this area, not the big, out of state developers who lack investment in our neighborhoods and care more about their profits than our livability. Say no to Lead Mine Tower.

We have asked for reasonable conditions from the onset of this rezoning case. We believe this site could serve a wider array of our citizens, and perhaps satisfy the need for 'missing middle' housing.


"Major Interstate, Mobbed Mall,
Mega Thoroughfares That Converge
To Make A Driving Nightmare."