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SUBJECT:  Vote No on Z-53-20

Dear Mayor Baldwin and Members of City Council,

Thank you for your time and careful consideration of citizen concerns regarding Z-53-20. This unincorporated, extraterritorial site and the larger undeveloped area around it present a unique opportunity to support Raleigh’s continued growth.

The applicant has not met critical conditions required for this intensity of development to be compatible with the single-family homes that surround it. Specifically: building height, density, buffer size, and traffic safety. These requests have remained consistent over the 7 months we have worked with the applicant in a sincere effort to make this project a mutual success.

Although the applicant has agreed to a 150’ setback on one property line, the overall conditions are far from what citizens of Raleigh would expect based on the adjoining property uses and other mixed use to residential transitions in the city.

What would be supported on this site?

The collective communities are pro-growth and feel that an ideal use of this site would be moderate density residential with proper setbacks and buffers. To support the continued development of this area, a plan that enables good future development is desired to address the unique challenges of the unincorporated land as well as the transportation safety concerns that exist surrounding the site.

Please vote NO on Z-53-20 and let’s work together on a better plan for this site to best support the future of the city and the public interest.


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Condition Requested:  Limit height to 50' above-ground within 150' of North and East.

Reason Why:  Height consistency with all other buildings on East side of Lead Mine Road, which is outside of Growth Area and Crabtree District, height transition with single family homes on 3 sides. Consistency with Comprehensive Plan Edge Area recommendation of 3 stories or less.

Outcome:  Not met. No height limit condition on East side adjacent to single family homes. 150’ primary building setback on North side.

Condition Requested:  Limit density to 70 units.

Reason Why:  Represents average density of approved mixed use next to R-4, will more than triple current density.

Outcome:  Not met. Density conditioned to 185, more than 9x the current zoning.

Condition Requested:  Petition City of Raleigh every 2 years for improvements to 23L Transit stop at Lead Mine Road and Philcrest Drive to include the same facilities that would be required of a new transit stop

Reason Why:  Current transit stop insufficient and unsafe for transit users. It is not up to City standards and is also a visual barrier to oncoming traffic from the south when traveling from Philcrest Road to Lead Mine.

Outcome:  Applicant declined.

Condition Requested:  Increase buffer to 100' on North, 80' on East; tree conservation or undisturbed vegetative buffer.

Reason Why:  Filter light and sound from 24x7 facility, consistent with similar rezoning cases.

Outcome:  Not met. Buffer of 32’ on North side, applicant will not commit to undisturbed buffer, only evaluation for TCA.

Condition Requested:  No staging of equipment, materials, or other development-related items on parcels not part of the Z-53-20 on or along Philcrest Drive. Heavy equipment access to and from the site will be from Lead Mine Road.

Reason Why:  Limit worsening of conditions and safety hazards to citizens on this vulnerable, narrow state-maintained road.

Outcome:  Applicant declined